Rear Bush Pullar Activa



* Pullar for fixing come removal rear shocker bush pullar Activa/Scooty.
* Easily remover of Activa/Scooty Bush
* Very much time saving product.
* Easy to Use.
* Bush Fixing and removing in a single function.
How to Use
Step 1-Dismenttaling the tool first.
step 2- Insert New bush into the Centre bolt/Spinddle.
Step 3- Fix the bush and spinddle along with from the opposite side of the shocker.
Step 4- Insert the casing from the opposite side.
step 5- Tightning the nut on the bolt/spinddle given with the pullar set.
Step 6- Just Tightning the long nut with the help of T -spanner (13mm) you see the instant result old bush comes in the casing and new bush fits in the shocker at the same time.




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